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Mesophotonics Ltd was established in July 2001 to develop and commercialise photonic crystal technology in the fields of microphotonics, telcommunications and computing.


The company is a spin-out from the University of Southampton where a multi-disciplinary team have been conducting research in the area of photonic crystals and photonics band gaps since 1994. Academics from the Departments of Electronics & Computer Science, and Physics have collaborated on the design, fabrication and characterisation of laboratory devices which have demonstrated the potential of the technology.

In partnership with BTG, the global technology commercialisation company, the founding team of seven and the University have created and launched Mesophotonics to further develop photonic crystal devices, design products and take them to market.

The technology developed by the team allows light to be bent, routed and processed at sub-millimeter scale. This will enable multiple optical functions and complex systems to be implemented at high density on a single silicon chip, leading the way to low cost, high volume production of integrated optical devices.


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