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The Team


The mesophotonics team has a diverse range of technical expertise offering strength in the design, fabrication, modelling and characterisation to the success of integrated optics and photonics crystal design. This technical expertise is coupled with a management team with over 100 man years experience of bringing new technologies to the market place.




Mesophotonics was founded by a team of seven scientists including specialists in the fields of photonics, computer modelling, and optical characterisation. They have been working together at the University of Southampton to study photonic crystal circuits & devices and are internationally recognised for their research and contributions to the scientific literature and have a total of over 35 years experience in photonic crystal.

The future

The team is expanding the company while retaining strong links with the University of Southampton and its excellent facilities. This, together with their breadth of technical expertise, allows the theoretical understanding of wave guiding photonic crystals to be extended to the implementation of devices which can be modelled, fabricated, tested, measured and revised with a short cycle time.

In order for Mesophotonics to realise its potential, it is accelerating its technical and commercial development plans and the team are committed to establishing working relationships with commercial organisations that can utilise photonic crystal circuits & devices within their products. BTG, Mesophotonics' initial investors, will also provide commercial and intellectual property management resources.


Ian Vance (Chairman)
James McKenzie (CEO)
Nigel Lee, CFO Solutions (Acting CFO)
Peter Beynon, BTG
Jamie Brooke, Quester
Francois Lainee, Auriga
Tony Raven, University of Southampton