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Medical Diagnostics
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Biomedical diagnostics with Klarite
Klarite offers the potential to deliver an extremely sensitive in-vitro diagnostic test from bodily fluid samples - with little or no sample preparation - producing almost instant results which are ideal for the point of care environment.

The technique delivers a unique trace of the molecule fingerprint of a sample in only a few seconds. This fingerprint can be used to identify one or more chemical compounds that are known biomarkers indicating presence of a disease. Alternatively, the technique can show complex changes in the chemical balance of a patient that may be characteristic of a particular disease, even if the indicator chemicals are unknown.

Researchers worldwide, including groups at University Michigan in the USA, have already demonstrated the potential of this technique to work with real life samples and produce clinically relevant results for early stage osteoarthritis detection.

Other groups including Gloucester Royal Hospital in the United Kingdom are looking at the differentiation of viral and bacterial eye infections, whilst others are looking for early indicators of heart disease.

In all cases, Klarite offers the potential for near instantaneous very early stage diagnosis - often before presentation of physical symptoms. Early treatment has a much better prognosis for the patient, sometimes enabling treatment before disease impact becomes irreversible.

In addition this diagnosis offers significant cost savings to health provides by reducing the risk of incorrect diagnosis, avoiding the potential for both in-patient care and the long term provision of symptom relieving drugs with the omnipresent danger of unforeseen side effects.


Benefits of Klarite surface enhanced Raman biomedical diagnosis
Klarite offers significant advantages compared to other methods of traditional biochemical diagnosis such as culture based testing:

  • Ability to work with range of bodily fluids from synovial fluid to tears and blood plasma
  • Little or no sample preparation
  • Ability to simultaneously detect multiple biomarkers
  • Chemical signatures are typically obtained in 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

The Klarite surface enhanced Raman diagnostic technique is also clearly differentiated from other advanced chemical fingerprinting techniques such as mass spectrometry and PCR DNA analysis:

  • Ability to provide diagnosis with both known biomarkers and unknown complex chemical changes by correlating with historical patient data.
  • Technology of Raman diagnosis has been shown independently by Gloucester Royal Infirmary to be as good as independent pathologist examination.
  • Completely compatible with water based samples.
  • Mature compact light weight low cost reading instrumentation.
Prospects for Biomedical Diagnostics by Surface Enhanced Raman


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