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Continuum Performance

Typical 800nm performance

Typical performance achieved with low power 800nm excitation.

Typical 1µm performance

Typical spectra generated with a 1.04µm femtosecond laser are shown below. These spectra were generated with a femtoTRAIN IC-1040-400 Yb femtosecond laser from High Q Laser

   Typical spectra output with 1µm excitation

    Typical bandwidths achieved for various launched powers at 1µm

Typical 1.5µm performance

A continuum spectrum generated with a 1.5µm femtosecond laser is shown below. This spectra was recorded when pumping a Mesophotonics Continuum Generation Chip with a FemtoFiber Series FFS ultrafast Erbium fibre laser system from Toptica Photonics.

The generated continuum is believed to be much broader than that shown above as the spectral response of the detector cut-off at 1.7µm.

For further information about continuum chip performance please contact Mesophotonics