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Klarite Surface Enhanced Raman

Mesophotonics Klarite substrates provide a unique solution for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). Unrivalled levels of Raman signal reproducibility are obtained by using these substrates.

Klarite substrates feature a systematically designed nanometre scale patterning of the Gold surface. Made of regular arrays of holes the surface patterns form photonic crystals which control the surface plasmons that govern the SERS amplification. By leveraging its experience in photonic crystal design Mesophotonics is able to control the surface plasmon effects and therefore control the Raman amplification.

Reproducibility is built into Klarite slides by using volume manufacturing procedures from the semiconductor industry. Tests have shown relative standard deviations (RSD) of <15% are achieved with only 5mW excitation at 633nm or 785nm. This includes all variations between different chips without any data selection or filtering. Across a single chip variations of just 6% RSD have also regularly been recorded.

To increase ease of use, this latest generation of SERS substrates come mounted on common 75x25mm microscope glass slides compatible with most micro Raman spectrometers. The active area is 5x5mm with larger areas available on request.

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