Sitting Less Reduces Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

   According to a new study diet soda consumption can damage your teeth as badly as meth or cocaine. The soda has citric acid and phosphoric acid which can cause oral dental problems. The intensity and extent of damage are more or less the same for both soda and meth. A study found that a 30 year old woman who drank 2 liters of soda daily for three to five years has tooth decay similar to 29 year old meth addict and 51 year old habitual cocaine user.

The younger man used the meth for three years while the older man used it for 18 years. This is because it reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth which is used to wash acids in the mouth. It also affects the dental hygiene. Bad dental hygiene will cause erosion and oral damage. Excess soda consumption also causes a brown stain which is eroded into the tooth.

How often you drink soda, how much you drink are all important factors. Prevention is better than cure so you can prevent the dental problems by taking less amount of soda. Knowing the limit and cleaning your mouth with water will wash the acidity. Brushing twice a day is also very effective.