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The Mesophotonics' technology in its current form can be used to create integrated optics products for wavelengths throughout the visible spectrum and into the infra-red. Mesophotonics' initial products will target applications that leverage the core benefits of photonic crystals for making the basic building blocks of light filtering and distribution. These building blocks are then combined to produce customised integrated optical chips for specific customer requirements.


Photonic band gap materials offer key advantages in filtration. High contrast narrow bandwidth filters can be achieved over a wide range of wavelengths. Filters with depth of >30dB have been realised with only a few rows of holes taking up an area of only 10 µm. Such filters can easily be cascaded to form greater filter depths multiple wavelength filters and polarisation sensitive filters.


Photonic crystals are ideal elements for distributing light around an optical chip. In conventional integrated optics light is directed around the wafer using waveguides which have bend radii of several mm and restrict how far chips can be miniaturised. In photonic crystals light can be bent by 90 degrees or split and divided into multiple waveguides in only a few µm. The illustration on the left shows a T type splitter where light is split into two waveguides at 90 degrees to the incoming guide in a device measuring only 10x20 µm.