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James McKenzie

James McKenzie is Chief Executive of Mesophotonics Limited, the Southampton UK based designers of photonic integrated circuits.

Dr McKenzie studied Physics and Computing and then went to Brunel University where he worked on optics for his Ph.D. He subsequently did post-doctoral work in the same field. He joined Bookham Technology when the company was in its very early stages and was involved, as a member of the management team, in Bookham's fast growth phase leading up to its IPO in 2000. During this period he was responsible for product engineering before moving on to become Director of Marketing.

After a spell at Perkin Elmer setting up their new telecoms business in Europe, he joined Teem Photonics in Grenoble where he was VP of Business Development and Marketing. At Teem he managed product strategy and development and also worked with the founders to grow the company and to put business processes in place.

Dr McKenzie's interests cover all aspects of the optical and high-technology world, especially the correct fit of technology to market needs. He is a member of the Institute of Physics, and is a Chartered Engineer. His outside work interests include Travel and Boating.