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Partners and collaborators

Mesophotonics provides analytical solutions to customers by working in collaboration with a several partners to ensure that Klarite surface enhanced Raman substrates are compatible with a wide range of applications and instruments.

Mesophotonics also takes an active interest in the development of photonic crystal technology for a broad range of other applications.   The company has an extensive range of  intellectual property covering photonic crystals and maintains an extensive photonic crystal design capability.   If you would like to access this knowledge base Mesophotonics is happy to undertake contracts to deliver specific photonic crystal designs for your applications.

Raman Partners

These companies hold joint marketing agreements or are signficant collaborators with Mesophotonics.  Close collaborations with these partners helps to provide rapid solutions and demonstrations to customer specific applications as well as demonstrating the interfunctionality of Klarite SERS surfaces with a range of Raman instrumentation.

 Miniature Raman Spectrometer from BwTek
Miniature Raman Spectrometer from BWTek


BWtek is a supplier of miniature low-cost Raman instruments.  BWTek recently introduced the BTR111 MiniRam, a miniature NIR Raman spectrometer which is compatible with Klarite substrates.




Advantage and Inspector Raman hand held Raman instruments from DeltaNu

DeltaNu is a supplier of miniature Raman instruments for a variety of applications including ruggardised units for first responder use in homeland security applicaitons.


Horiba Jobin Yvon Lab Ram Aramis system


Horiba Jobin-Yvon are reknowned suppliers of high specification Laboratory Raman Systems.
Horiba Jobin-Yvon


Renishaw inVia Raman microscope

are also established suppliers of high specification Laboratory Raman Systems.


Thermo Electron Almega Raman system

Thermo Electron
also supply a high specification Raman system in conjuncitons with awide range of analytical instrumentation soluitons.
Thermo Electron 




Kaiser Optical Systems RamanRxn1 analyzer 

Kaiser optical systems
supply a range of innovative fibre bundled coupled and other industrially orientated Raman systems.
Kaiser optical systems


Other Raman Instrument Suppliers

 Versatile laboratory instruments  Portable low cost instruments
Ge Security
Raman Systems
Smiths Detection

Molecular imprints Imprio 100 nano-imprinter

Other commercial partners

Molecular Imprints provides of imprint lithography tools capable of reproducible mass-producing sub 50nm features on a range of surface.




Academic Collaborators

Dr Nick Stone, Gloucester Royal Infirmary & Cranfield Post Graduate Medical School
Prof. Jeremy Baumberg, University of Southampton, Physics Department
Prof. Mike Morris University of Michigan Chemistry Department 
Prof. Phil Bartlett  and Andrea Russell University of Southampton Chemistry Department.

For additional links to academics and others investigating surface enhanced Raman click here