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SCAL raman calibration standard

• Easy to use wavelength calibration standard
• Long Shelf life
• Multiple calibrations from the same wafer.
• Traceable
• Ideal for IQ OQ PQ system validation 

Mesophotonics sCAL silicon calibration standards provide an easy to use silicon standard for verifying the calibration of Raman spectrometers.

Regular verification of instrument calibration using a physical standard is recommended even with auto calibrating instruments to insure that any internal instrument calibration routines are operating correctly.

Each sCAL device is individually numbered to allow spectra to be linked directly to each calibration chip.  The silicon is mounted on standard 3” glass microscope slide for easy handling and maximum ease of use with Raman systems. 

As silicon is a single crystal, the calibration spectra are also identical no matter the magnification under which the Raman spectra are recorded, making sCAL highly suited for calibrating micro Raman systems.  Silicon is also a very strong Raman scatterer, which means that calibration spectra can be recorded quickly and easily, speeding the verification process.

Using similar production processes to Mesophotonics Klarite SERS substrates, sCAL substrates offer a quick and easy to use calibration standard.  Multiple sCAL slides can can be supplied from the same original single crystalline piece of pure silicon.  These can then be used for calibrating multiple instruments in multiple sites, offering the reassurance that they are all calibrated to the same original source material. 

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