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Mesophotonics is focused on delivering products which enable simple trace level chemical analysis by applying photonic crystal designs to the optimisation of surfaces for enhanced Raman spectroscopy

We are also actively involved in researching and developing devices for many other applications where our proprietary photonic crystal  technology can multiple unique benefits including:

• Drastic size reductions
• Optical interaction lengths in microns rather than centimetres
• Multiple optical functions integrated on millimetre sized chips
• Provides a library of optical building blocks for chip design
• High efficiency and low loss
• Compatibility with conventional silicon processing
• Biocompatibility
• High-sensitivity optical sensing
• Design for photonic functionality
• Design for manufacture

Photonic crystals are based on a regular array of sub-micron sized holes laid out in different patterns.  These holes are fabricated using standard semiconductor lithographic techniques and their dimensions and location determine the processing function as well as the operating wavelength.

Planar photonic crystals embedded in waveguides utilise silicon-compatible materials that are currently used in standard CMOS processes.  Therefore, it will be possible to implement optical sensing, micro fluidics, signal processing and electronic circuitry on a single substrate, employing technologies already present in a silicon foundry.

Mesophotonics will use these opto-electronic integration capabilities in the development of devices for low-cost high volume applications.

The Mesophotonics team is comprised of specialists in the areas of design, modelling, optimisation, fabrication and testing, and welcomes collaborations and contract research and development work on photonic crystals for all applications.