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Benefits in forensic science

The benefits of  Klarite for use in forensic science are in the detection and identification of  unknown substances from an incident scene.

The million-fold increase in sensitivity by using Klarite substrates with a Raman system enables small quantities and dilute samples to be detected, and chemical fingerprint data to be compared and analysed.

• Extremely low levels of detection and identification
• Small sample volumes
• Sample can be analysed many times – non destructive
• Easy to use
• Single-use, re-testable substrates – better for archiving

Forensic analysis with Klarite

Klarite offers unique advantages in the analysis and identification of substances from an incident scene. 

The use of Klarite substrates for Raman spectroscopy enables unique chemical fingerprints to be obtained at lower concentrations and smaller sample sizes than previously possible.

By placing an unknown sample onto the Klarite surface and then performing a Raman analysis, trace concentrations - typically one million-fold lower - can be seen and identified.  The chemical fingerprint can then be compared to known substances to establish its source or look for impurities in the sample.

Liquid samples can deposited directly onto the substrate.  Solid or dried samples can be dissolved and placed on the Klarite surface for analysis.  No sample pre-treatment is necessary. Klarite substrates are individually numbered and bar-coded and can be stored and analysed many times.