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Applications for Klarite substrates in the pharmaceutical industry

Klarite surface enhanced Raman substrates offer many advantages in drug discovery, testing and drug production by enabling reliable and reproducible chemical analysis quickly and easily at low concentrations.

Klarite substrates provide a million-fold enhancement of the normally weak Raman signal, meaning that Raman spectroscopy can be used across a broad range of analyses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Raman spectroscopy is already proven as a tried and tested technique for drug development and production.  The use of Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of Chiral forms has extended its use still further. 

However, until now bulk samples of concentrated species were needed to enable the weak Raman signal to be analysed.  Klarite enables Raman spectroscopy to be extended to for use with lower concentration, or a smaller quantity of samples.

Klarite is available mounted on numbered and bar-coded microscope slides for one time use, minimising sample preparation and disposal.  Other mounting formats are available for volume applications.

Benefits of Klarite surface enhanced Raman in the pharmaceutical industry

Klarite offers significant advantages to the production and testing of various drug materials and drug candidates:

• Low levels of detection and investigation of active components
• Detection of impurities and contaminates in drug manufacture
• Structural information including chirality and polymorphic forms
• Investigation of drug interactions

In addition, Klarite surface enhanced Raman diagnostic technique is also clearly differentiated from other advanced chemical fingerprinting techniques such as mass spectrometry, conventional Raman and IR spectrometry:

• Ability to extend the limits of detection beyond any other non-destructive technique
• Completely compatible with water-based samples
• Mature analytical instrumentation