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29th November 2005

New Southampton facility is first of a kind

Mesophotonics Ltd, has opened a first-of-its-kind £1/4 million research and production facility at Chilworth Science Park, Southampton.

The facility has been built to enable the company – which is a spin-out from Southampton University – to fulfil the 150 orders that have already been placed by companies and research organisations for its groundbreaking product, Klarite.

Klarite is a new nanostructured surface material that enables Raman spectrometers (laboratory equipment that investigates the structure of molecules using light) to be one million times more sensitive.

Scientists at the University of Michigan in the US have already been able to use Klarite to research ways to provide early-stage diagnosis for osteoarthritis. Mesophotonics is also working with companies in the forensics, homeland security and oil and chemical production industries to develop pioneering new products.

John Lincoln, Director of Business Development at Mesophotonics, said: “The effect Klarite exploits is called Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering – also known as SERS. This is an analytical chemistry technique that actually originated in Southampton about 30 years ago.

Now, we can also boast the first ever dedicated SERS production facility with a state of the art assembly facility and applications development lab.”

Mesophotonics was recently named as one of the top 100 European technology companies to watch in 2005* and has so far secured £8.3 million in funding from top tier venture capital funds and corporate investors.