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Nile Blue Dye

Spectra for this analyte have been tested with the following instruments and wavelengths.

   NIR  Red  Green 



Nile Blue Dye  - recorded with a DeltaNu miniature Raman instrument and NIR wavelength

Typical SERS spectrum of dilute nile blue dye on Klarite acquired with an Inspector Raman portable mini-Raman system from DeltaNu at 785nm. The ethanol solution used for the drop coat had a concentration of 1 nanomolar. The spectrum is baseline corrected and compared against the unenhanced spectrum for the same concentration of Nile blue in ethanol. 

Only the enhanced spectrum taken with Klarite shows the peaks characteristic of Nile Blue.  The peaks in bulk spectrum are representative of the ethanol solvant only and show Nile blue can not be detected at this concentration without klarite enhancement.

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 Molecular structure of nile blue dye

SpectraTaken in collaboration with DeltaNu

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