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21-27 January 2006

Quasicrystal LED capability unveiled at Photonics West


Leading photonic crystal development company, Mesophotonics, is unveiling its new offering for the LED industry at Photonics West. The company, which has more than 10 years of experience in photonic crystal development, is now providing an independent design and licensing service for LED manufacturers.


By successfully exploiting Mesophotonics’ proprietary technology, LED light emission profiles and wall plug efficiency can be substantially improved. As a result manufacturers can reduce manufacturing and integration costs.


Photonic crystal technology increases light extraction from an LED using surface patterning of the diode. Mesophotonics has identified a way to take this technique one step further by using quasicrystal structures; patterns which are precisely defined at a small scale, but appear to lack order when examined in less detail.


As a result, the light emission profile from the diode can be customised to the target application, reducing the need for beam-shaping components for a smaller, neater and cheaper-to-produce product.


The market for high brightness LEDs is vast, encompassing a wide range of applications from mobile phones to automotive and display lighting. Already valued at $4bn, the market is expected to grow considerably as wall plug efficiencies increase, enabling LEDs to become a viable option for general illumination. The work by Mesophotonics is a significant factor in helping the industry achieve that goal.


Further, Mesophotonics has entered into a joint marketing agreement with specialist lithography equipment manufacturer Molecular Imprints, whose equipment is capable of mass-production of sub-50nm features. The company’s production capability is an ideal complement to Mesophotonics’ design resource.