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Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy

Klarite SERS substrates, allow the unique Raman fingerprint present in all molecules to be easily and repeatedly identified. Klarite substrates enable faster, higher accuracy detection of biological and chemical samples at lower detection limits for a wide range of markets including homeland security, forensics, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics and drug discovery.

Previous SERS substrates have been plagued by 100% signal variations and by hot spots where only small areas of the total device showed amplified Raman signals. By providing a uniform patterned surface Klarite slides provide control of the Raman process giving consistent sers signals from anywhere on the active surface. The very high signal levels achieved also make Raman spectra as easy to obtain as fluorescence spectra and offer significantly lower detection limits for many molecules.

Klarite substrates are completely compatible with existing micro-Raman instruments. However, the SERS signals that are generated from Klarite substrates are many orders of magnitude more intense than traditional Raman signals and enable detection with low sensitivity detectors and low power lasers. This will open the door to the development of low cost Raman detection systems compatible with volume OEM applications.

Orders for Klarite SERS substrates now being taken

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