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Issue Date: 6 February 2021  
  The SE1000 Spectrometer from Mesophotonics - Raman and SERS analysis in a versatile, single platform.  

Southampton,UK 6th February, 2007 – Mesophotonics has chosen to demonstrate the latest version of its SE1000 Raman Spectrometer at Pittcon. Delivering the sophistication of a research-grade Raman instrument for a fraction of the cost, the SE1000 is designed for walk-up, simple operation, enabling new users to start gathering data within a few minutes. When used with Mesophotonics’ unique KlariteTM substrates, the SE1000 can also perform Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), allowing customers to employ the same multi-purpose platform for both bulk- and trace-level analysis of materials.

SERS is an enabling technology that increases the normally weak Raman signals by up to a million-fold, providing a high-sensitivity analysis technique to detect molecules even at femtogram levels. Until now, SERS has been confined to academic laboratories owing to the instability of the substrates at the heart of the analysis. Klarite SERS substrates have broadened the applicability of the technique by providing a stable, uniform sensing surface which can be utilized in laboratory or field-based situations.

“The fact that the SE1000 can perform both routine bulk Raman and SERS analysis is proving to be extremely beneficial to end-users in academia and industry alike,” says Dr Philip Hargreaves, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Mesophotonics. “Fundamental to the early success of the platform is the versatility to perform detection down to the sub-picogram level by combining the SE1000 platform with our unique Klarite substrates. We are finding that this combination of enabling technology is opening up a wealth of new application areas from Defense and Homeland Security sensing to Biomedical Diagnostic analysis.”


Press Releases
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