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Greg Parker

Greg is the Technical Director of Mesophotonics Limited.

He started his professional career at Philips Research Laboratories in Redhill, Surrey. After ten years in Industry he joined the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. In December 2000 he became Professor of Photonics in the Microelectronics Group.

His research during this time was in two main areas; novel growth systems for silicon compatible materials and silicon-based optoelectronics. Greg designed, built & developed, 4 LPCVD systems for the Microelectronics Group at the University, the latest system being a large 6-chamber cluster-tool. These systems are used for research into novel devices incorporating Si, SiGe, SiGeC and Silicon Nitride.

Greg's main interest has always been Photonics, and he started building his research in this area during 1993. Work on Photonic Crystals in particular commenced in 1995, with the first significant publications appearing between 1998-1999. During this period he demonstrated the "World's First" results for near infrared photonic crystal fabricated in Silicon; photonic Crystal operating in the visible part of the spectrum; photonic Crystal beam splitter and photonic quasicrystal (subject of an April 2000, Nature paper). He has published over 90 refereed papers and is currently preparing a comprehensive book on photonic crystals.

Greg is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and a Chartered Engineer.