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The revolutionary power of photonic crystals means they have the ability to impact many diverse markets. The disruptive nature of optical integrated circuits (OICs) on the chip scale also means photonic crystals will facilitate the development of many new products. The ability to manufacture large volumes at low cost also means photonic crystals will bring optics into many consumer products.

  • Biodetectors
  • Consumer optical storage
  • Displays
  • High speed computer chip interconnects
  • Infrared detection
  • Lasers
  • Optical networking and telecommunications
  • Optical logic and optical computing
  • Quantum computing
  • Scientific and medical light sources
  • Sensors

These are just some of the potential markets that will feel the impact of photonic crystal technology. Mesophotonics is currently developing targeted products that will have early impact on a select subset of these markets.

Continuum generation chips (CGCs) are the first of mesophotonics family of products to be made available. These devices enable powerful white light continua to be generated with greater stability and from substantially smaller devices than previously possible. The stability and reliability of Mesophotonics proprietary continuum generation chips will greatly assist in the commercialisation of recently developed techniques of soft tissue imaging such as optical coherence tomography and the generation of fundamental time standards using frequency metrology. More details.