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Continuum Generation Chips

The Mesophotonics continuum generation chips (CGCs) provide a highly stable source of wide bandwidth continuum. New levels of spectral and temporal stability are provided by eliminating competing non-linear mechanisms present in alternative methods of continuum generation.

The CGC material has proven resistance to blue and ultraviolet exposure and has excellent lifetime even under high power exposure.

Next generation Mesophotonics continuum generation chips are now available for shipment

The latest generation of CGC’s, which are only 1cm long, feature two dimensional planner waveguides with tapers on the input and output ends of the waveguide to simplify pump launching and enabling over 25% launch efficiency to be obtained. Each supplied chip contains over 40 waveguides of differing sizes effectively providing 40 devices in one and enabling the user to easily investigate the effect of changing waveguide geometry without changing the sample.

Extensive tests have shown that in excess of 150nm of 3dB bandwidth can be generated from most femtosecond pump lasers at 800nm, 1µm or 1.5µm pump lasers with as little as 10mW (100pJ) of power launched into the waveguide.

The generated continua also feature very low spectral ripple and are fully polarisation preserving as a result of the unique waveguide design which also means that the continuum is generated into a high quality single mode output.

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Mounted continuum generation chips now available

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