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Klarite Surface Enhanced Raman substrates - a million times better
Klarite substrates from Mesophotonics provide a unique solution for analysing and identifying chemical compounds through Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).
Raman analysis provides a unique fingerprint spectra of the compound under investigation, that provides both compositional and structural information. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) increases the magnitude of the normally very weak Raman signals by over a 1,000,000 times. 

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The unique Klarite technology makes this enhancement of the Raman signal reproducible enough to be used in everyday chemical analysis for a wide range of applications, from medical diagnosis and drug discovery to forensics and homeland defence.

Klarite substrates feature a systematically designed nanometre scale patterning of a silicon surface that is coated in Gold. Made of regular arrangements of holes, the surface patterns form photonic crystals that control the surface plasmons that govern the Raman enhancement process.

Using Mesophotonics' experience in photonic crystal design Klarite substrates enable the control of surface plasmon effects and therefore control of the Raman amplification.

Reproducibility is a key feature of Klarite slides, which are produced using volume manufacturing procedures from the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor fabrication processes enable large volumes of identical SERS substrates to be produced, making Klarite an affordable and accessible test for a range of analytical applications.


Klarite products need to be used with a Raman Spectrometer, and there are several types of instrument available depending on your applications. To increase ease of use, this latest generation of Klarite substrates are available mounted on common 75x25mm microscope glass slides - which are compatible with most micro Raman spectrometers - and as unmounted chips. The active SERS area is 4x4mm, with larger areas available on request.

Klarite substrates are an off-the-shelf, stable and reproducible consumable which can be used straight out of the packet.



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