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The World's First Analytical SERS System
Mesophotonics' SE1000 is the world's first Raman spectrometer system designed for analytical method development using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). SERS offers the potential for non-destructive, trace level molecular analysis, with sensitivity levels several orders of magnitude higher than conventional Raman or Infra-red Spectroscopy. Raman spectroscopy is a well established chemical analysis technique and is used in a variety of industries from semiconductor to pharmaceutical. The Raman spectra provide unique molecular information which is characteristic of the molecules present. Raman measurements are fast, taking only a few seconds.

Download SE1000 Product Datasheet



Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
One major hurdle to the use of Raman for dilute or trace level analysis is the relatively weak signal. This usually means that conventional Raman is only of use for bulk samples in high concentrations. Surface Enhanced Raman can increase the weak Raman signal by a million times or more, and can extend the range of applications suitable for Raman spectroscopy. This enables materials to be analysed that are many orders of magnitude more dilute or in smaller quantities than with other techniques.


Klarite and SE1000 - Your Analysis Toolkit
Klarite disposable substrates, available in a variety of formats, can enable high sensitivity Raman tests to be done quickly and easily. Using semiconductor processing techniques and our knowledge of photonic devices, Mesophotonics has been able to produce highly reproducible SERS substrates in large volumes to enable this technique to now be used routinely. The SE1000 is the perfect partner for Klarite. More affordable than research grade Micro-Raman systems, it includes all the necessary functions for analytical method development in a laser-safe instrument that can be used in an open laboratory environment.


SE1000 Toolkit Includes

  • Mesophotonics SE1000 Raman  Instrument
  • SE1000 Interface Software
  • Windows XP Professional Desktop PC pre-loaded with software
  • 20 Klarite SERS substrates
  • sCal wavelength calibration standard
  • Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) Spectroscopy data handling software package - for details click here

  Click Here to download the groundbreaking new application notes. Explosives and simulants in liquid and vapor phase.