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Klarite SERS substrates

Mesophotonics produces the  Klarite range of substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Klarite substrates enable faster, higher accuracy detection of biological and chemical samples at lower detection limits for a wide range of applications in homeland security, forensicsmedical diagnostics and pharmaceutical drug discovery. Manufactured using techniques from semiconductor processing Klarite substrates offer high levels enhancement and reliability.



sCAL Raman Calibration Standard

To complement our Klarite product range we offer sCAL silicon calibration standards providing a quick and easy to way to maintain wavelength calibration of Raman instruments.  Multiple sCAL slides can be supplied from the same original single crystalline piece of pure silicon.  These can then be used for calibrating multiple instruments in multiple sites, offering the reassurance that they are all calibrated to the same original source material.


SE1000 Raman Toolkit
Mesophotonics’ SE1000 is the world’s first Raman spectrometer system designed for analytical method development using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). The SE1000 is the perfect partner for Klarite. More affordable than research grade Micro-Raman systems, it includes all the necessary functions for analytical method development in an open laboratory environment. 

We are currently developing a range of related product lines for launch in 2006 and beyond and are able to supply custom formats to allow multiple testing for OEM applications.
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