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Mesophotonics is currently developing and testing photonic crystal devices and circuits, incorporating a photonic 'band gap'. This technology has the potential to enable photonics to follow the integration path of electronics. Mesophotonics intends to implement fully integrated photonic circuits incorporating both active and passive structures.

Photonics Crystal from Mesophotonics offer multiple unique benefits:-

  • Drastic size reductions
  • Optical interactions in microns rather than centimetres
  • Multiple optical functions on millimetre sized chips
  • Provides a library of optical building blocks for chip design
  • High efficiency and low loss optics
  • Compatible with conventional silicon processing

Planar waveguiding photonic crystals utilise silicon compatible materials that are currently used in standard CMOS processes. Therefore it will be possible to implement optical manipulation, optical signal processing and electronic circuitry on a single substrate employing technologies already present in a silicon foundry. Mesophotonics will utilise these opto-electronic integration capabilities in the development of devices for low cost / high volume applications.

The Photonic Crystals are based on regular arrays of tiny holes designed with different symmetry configurations, which are fabricated using standard lithographic techniques. Their dimensions and distribution determine the operating wavelength of the device and also the processing function delivered. The diagram on the left is an artistic impression of a photonic crystal on a silicon wafer, the background to the diagram is a picture of a real photonic crystal device.

Mesophotonics aims to produce customised integrated optics solutions by:-

  • Designing multiple optical functions using common photonic crystal platform
  • Select functions required for customer applications, e.g. excitation, collection, lasing, filtering and detection.
  • Fabricate custom integrated optics chip on silicon platform.